Machol Pacifica - NZ Israeli Dance

Machol Pacifica 2018 will be held in Whanganui as follows:

Dates: Friday 19th October - Sunday 21st October (Labour Weekend)
Venue:Whanganui Girls College, 21 Jones Street Whanganui East

We recommend that you book accommodation at the Anndion Lodge sooner rather than later as it is very close to the dance venue. Please see our accommodation page for more details.

This promises to be an amazing experience. Please contact us if you are not currently receiving camp updates but would like to be kept in the loop.

Pamela is Coming...

Pamela is well aquainted with us having lived in Auckland and taught the Mayaan group (Auckland) for many years.

This will be her third camp with us and we're looking forward to her arrival. Many of us are still dancing dances she’s taught in Wellington (2009) and Whakatane (2011).

In fact, they are some of our favourites. Kol Ha koach, Adama Ve Shamaim, Eretz Breishit, Israelit, Rikud Hasvatim, Kanire and Beautiful (to name a few).

You can read Pamela's official Bio at the preceding link.


Val (one of the community's awesome dancers) has been in touch to let us know that she has quite a stock of dance materials. The collection is mainly CDs and videos, many of which were left to the Wellington group by Marcia, but also CDs and DVDs from Shmulik’s last workshop here in 2013.

None of these materials are exactly youthful and there is no guarantee that they can still be played, even by anyone who still has a VCR. They may however fill gaps in other groups’ collections. They include a set of Hora Keff CDs, videos (not DVDs) from Machol Europa and videos of various semi-professional performances by Israeli dance groups.

Val is happy to bring the material to camp and give them to anyone who wants them, but as her mode of transport (car or bus?) may be determined by the amount of material she'll be carrying, she needs to know that they will find good homes. Lugging 'stuff' to camp and then back again is not a good option!

Val is happy to provide details by email to anyone who wants to know more. If you are interested / intrigued, please get in touch with Val directly before the end of August (email:

One Last thing...

If you have not already on our mailing list and are planning on coming to camp, please let us know so that you don't miss out on any important updates.