Guest Tutor: Pamela Schwartz


Pamela’s lovely friendly personality, beautiful dancing, clear teaching, vitality and enthusiasm will make this year’s National Israeli Dance Weekend a special event.

Pamela is from Cordoba in Argentina. She began Israeli dancing when she was 5 years old, and hasn’t stopped since.

At 17 she was selected as a member of the prestigious performance troupe “Leakah” representing the city of Cordoba. She also began teaching Israeli dance to children of different age groups and creating choreographies for children’s festivals.

In 2003 Pamela came to live in Auckland where, with Erica Teicher, she ran the Maayan Israeli dance group. Together Erica and Pamela taught popular weekly classes, devised performances, tutored at two Folk Dance NZ camps and organized the very successful 2005 Machol Pacifica – bringing the dynamic tutors Marcelo Marianof and Paula Pernitchi from Argentina to Auckland.

Pamela moved to Australia in 2007 – and continued to dance! In Melbourne she joined many of the classes available, often dancing 3 nights, 9 hours a week.

In 2012 she became part of the staff of the Hora Israeli Dance Group – she continues to attend all camps and workshops to keep up-to-date with repertoire, and to learn from visiting choreographers such as Gadi Bitton, Dudu Bar Zilal, Rafi Ziv, Yaron Ben Simchon, Avi Levi and others.

Pamela returned to Aotearoa as Machol Pacifica guest tutor in 2009 (Wellington) and 2011 (Whakatane). It will be a pleasure to dance with her again.